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NUTS:  Not Understanding True Self

Sometimes in life we base who and what we are on old outdated beliefs which were implanted in us by society, or by parental units, or simply by our own perceptions at the time.  And sometimes, who and what we are changes...but we never change those old outdated beliefs, and so we live a life filled with fear and uncertainty.  We are tired, out of balance, we don't take good care of ourselves and we feel ashamed, guilty or not quite right.

We are NUTS.

The opposite of NUTS is SANE:  Self Aware Now Enjoy

When we become self aware, we can enjoy life.  But only if our behavior matches our beliefs.  But self awareness is the first step.

How to do that?  There are so many helpful processes out there, ranging from the 12 steps to Byron Katie's The Work, to the Ladder of Inference to Fear to Faith.  Which one you use depends on which one you resonate with.  For example, I did not resonate at all with The Work, but I found the Ladder of Inference to be very helpful.

In future posts I will say a bit more about each of these processes, but for now, I hope you will find a way to experience SANE in your life, not NUTS.  And if you want some help, I've got a full calendar of workshops and classes coming up to facilitate SANE.  The next one is this Tuesday, March 14.  See details and register in the store below.

Ok.  I'm excited now.  I've got a lineup of workshops, classes and a retreat that is designed to ROCK YOUR WORLD!

Between now and June:  four workshops, one class and one retreat.  All are designed to do one thing and one thing only:  move you from a life in which you experience fear or limitation or frustration to a life in which you experience love and joy, no limits and easy flow.

Here they all are, on one graphic, for easy reference:

Topics on tap:  Balance and self care, creativity, meditation, success, forward movement and playtime!

Invest in one or invest in them all.  I will give you a hint:  there is a two-for-one special on the workshops at the end of the list.





ICK flyerI LOVE it when I do a workshop and see all the bright smiling faces, open energy and AHA moments that happened.  Our last workshop was such a success the participants didn't want to leave at the end, and they kept talking about it on Facebook for days afterwards!KAL_5449

Here we are inside the tack room, where Barbara is showing some of the participants where the art supplies are.KAL_5452

The horses meditated with us!KAL_5459

These two did not know each other until the day of the workshop.  I think some lifelong friendships were formed that day.KAL_5463

Some of the folks claimed a deep fear of horses, and you should have seen the smiles at the end after riding a horse!

Here is what one participant had to say about it:  "If you ever have the opportunity to take a course with Karen Linsley and Barbara Richmond Chastain do it!!
I had such a great time yesterday and met such fantastic positive energy people."

If you want to sign up for the encore ICK to Joy, contact me or sign up online at


NewyearsflyerEvery year at this time, I see and hear about everyone's New Year's Resolutions.

I also just saw come around again a post by Anne Lamont, who asked, in response to someone saying they were going on a diet for their New Year's Resolution, "how much weight are you planning to gain?"

That's what happens with New Year's Resolutions.  We resolve to lose weight, exercise more, eat more healthy, do that.

And how long does it last?  How much weight do you gain?  How long does it take before the exercise equipment gets a layer of dust on it?  Or the gym membership goes unused?

Here's the deal with resolutions, whether you make them on New Year's or some other time:  they don't work and they don't last.

If you have ever been puzzled as to why, it's because those resolutions are an outside fix, and without an inner process to support those outer actions, the outer actions won't continue.

This is why, for several years now, I've done a New Year's workshop.  It's a way to zero in on what is REALLY important to you, and then move from the inside out to make it stick.

Come join us!  Tuesday night, 5-8 pm, at the Center for Spiritual Living in Carson City, 3579 Highway 50 East in Unit 301.  Cost is $25.