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"Karen has a gift for making people feel comfortable.  In 30 years I have never seen my group open up the way they did with Karen.  They felt safe."  Eunice

Patty has this to say about my retreats:  "On April 11th 2017 I had the experience of my life.  I went on a ‘retreat’! To Death Valley! I had thought about going on retreats a couple of times in my life but never acted on the quest. Then one day I saw a post on Karen Linsley’s Facebook page that caught my eye. The post was about a retreat exploring creativity.  Being an artist I thought, will we paint, draw, do photography? Then I started to feel that maybe it’s more than artistic creativity? Plus, the price was very reasonable for me. I thought, Why not! A three day camp out at Death Valley would be a wonderful get away and maybe I’ll met some people and have some fun. So, I signed up and off I went.  I am so glad I did! The ‘creativity’ was about mind, body, soul, us, you, and them! :^)  The first night after a wonderful potluck dinner we had an introduction meeting around a beautiful fire with moon and stars overhead.  Even though I had never been on a retreat and was a bit skeptical, I felt extremely comfortable.  Then off to bed. After a wonderful night’s sleep, we woke to the smell of bacon and eggs, and coffee. A wonderful breakfast thanks to George.  After breakfast, we gathered for a morning meeting. I am a shy person and was hoping I wouldn’t have to talk. But Karen has a way of evoking emotions and that’s a good thing!  Then off to doing whatever we wanted. Swim, hike, rest, eat or sight-see.  A few of us decided to take a drive and take in the beauty of Death Valley. WoW!! That night after dinner we sat around the campfire and talked and laughed.
I won’t go into my situation but I will say that Karen is extremely intuitive.
Among other things she said, there was one thing she said that was quite a life changer.  So, If you are thinking about going on one of Karen’s retreats, I would highly suggest it!"

I've got a different idea about retreats.  Some say that retreats are places and times you go to so that you can get away from daily life to accomplish things you can't while attending to that daily life.  I say that is only part of it.  I think retreats are about rest, relaxation, self care....AND....doing some great inner work to elevate your life to the next greatest level!

I offer retreats all over Nevada and California, and will also come to your place and do a retreat. I can design one to meet the needs of your group, or you and your group may elect to participate in one of mine.

I did a retreat for a group of about 30 people and they wanted to bond and have fun. They did that!

I've done camping retreats in Death Valley in the spring on the topic of Creativity.  If you are alive you are creative.  This isn't necessarily about making art!  It's about creating your own life!

I did a self care retreat for a group of about 75 and it wasn't about massages and manicures!  Self care goes much deeper than that.

This is the type of retreat I do.  Cost varies according to size of group, location, and other factors.  Contact me for more information: