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Classes and workshops and speaking engagements OH MY!


I am currently taking a break from serving as an Interim Minister, enjoying this wonderful summer! 

I also have a Focus Ministry, Fearlessly Feral Living.  The Focus Ministry is where I do my podcasting, and basically get the word out about how to use Science of Mind to live Fearlessly Feral.

I am happy to announce that I will be speaking at Unity at the Lake, in Lake Tahoe, on September 17, 2023.

And I have a BRAND NEW WORKSHOP!  I first did this workshop on July 22 and it was such a success that I will be doing an encore in the fall.  Stay tuned for the date!  This workshop is called LEAP:  Life Empowerment Action Program.  It will be a zoom workshop, cost is $39. 

I am always creating new classes, workshops and retreats, but here is a list of my more popular ones.  All classes and workshops can be tailored so that they fit the demographics of your group.

From ICK to JOY  This retreat is usually for one day, and can be done in person or online.  Many times I have done this retreat in conjunction with an equine therapist, using therapy horses as a way to cement the joy.  This retreat begins by revealing the ICK in your life, something that limits you, and provides tools that you can use for a lifetime to eliminate that ICK and live in JOY.

CREATIVITY RETREAT  Imagine a retreat that allows you to rest, relax and rejuvenate....and also gives you the tools to create the best life ever!  This isn't about artistic creativity.  It is about creating a life that works for you.  I offer this retreat in various places and at various times of the year, and I also do this retreat for business and spiritual groups.  Contact me if you want a proposal to do this retreat for your group!   The 5th annual Death Valley Creativity Retreat date will be in spring of 2023.

STATUS QUO OR STATUS GO!  Are you stuck in a rut?  Have you furnished that rut?  I can identify!  Learn the tools necessary to never be stuck again in this 3 hour workshop.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE FOR A LIVING Do you think life is supposed to be about showing up to your 9-5 job so you can earn money to buy things you don't really want and take weekends off to relieve the pressure?  I happen to think life is much much more than that.  Let's face it, we all have to earn a living.  In this 3-hour workshop, get the skills and knowhow necessary to allow you to do what you love for a living!

Healing Journey Retreat!   A full day workshop featuring yoga, meditation and equine therapy, held in the beautiful Carson Valley in the spring and fall!  Stay tuned for details.

From Limitation to Infinity!  A three hour workshop based on my book A New Thought Journey through the 12 Steps.  workshopflyer


Meditation is one of most powerful things we can do in our lives to ensure peace of mind and happiness.  It also strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure and helps provide clarity.  Yet, many people get stuck with meditation.  The most common objections I hear from people are:  "I can't clear my mind."  "I can't sit still for that long."  And..."I don't have time."   Meditation isn't about clearing the mind, it is about focus.  It becomes easy to sit if you start in small increments and focus.  And once you begin to sit regularly and focus, you will begin to receive the benefits of meditation and realize that taking time to meditate means your time the rest of the day is used more successfully.  This is a full day workshop that presents several different ways to meditate, so you can find the one that suits you best.

How to achieve Balance in your Life

This 3 hour workshop is also about self care, and is designed primarily for entrepreneurs, although care givers have gained great benefits from taking this workshop.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

I have done this workshop on New Year’s Eve for several years, it is very popular. It examines people’s goals: why have they set these goals, how do these goals serve? It then provides for a way to reframe goals into intentions, along with steps to achieve those intentions. 3 hours

Creativity and Spirituality

One of my favorites, as it combines my work as an artist/photographer with spirituality. Participants leave this workshop with ways to cultivate creativity in all areas of their lives. The artistic piece is like a doorway to create other things such as improved health or abundance. This workshop can be customized to using a camera, in which case a field trip is warranted, and participants would need to bring a laptop with photo editing software.  3 hours or full day

Here is a partial list of classes I teach:

  • Meditation- ten week class teaching several different types of meditation
  • Money, Metaphysics and the Meaning of Life:  8 week class based on Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth and The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price
  • Creativity and Spirituality:  Get your creative on in this 10 week class!
  • Living Deeply:  ten week class based on the book Living Deeply
  • High Consciousness, based on the book Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss
  • God Is, I Am, an 8 week class based on the writings of Ernest Holmes
  • Self Mastery, a ten week class based on The Four Agreements..
  • Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, an 8 week class based on the book of the same name by Deepak Chopra

Speaking Engagements:

Karen Linsley is a sought after inspirational speaker, having spoken at Centers for Spiritual Living thoughout California and Nevada.  She also speaks at service clubs and business organizations.

For more information, use the contact form below:


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