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DSC_4341I’m sure you’ve all heard the analogy of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. It is a perfect analogy, a very good metaphor for us in our lives. The caterpillar goes about it’s business and then one day, change begins. It begins to build a cocoon, and then inside the cocoon, becomes literally mush, a messy gooey lump of mush. This process continues, until one day a beautiful butterfly bursts forth to fly and frolic in the breezes. The caterpillar does not fight the process, nor does it try to rush it. And if someone, in their misguided compassion, tries to help it, the caterpillar will die. It needs to be left alone to do the process it was meant to do. ...continue reading "5 Steps to Turn into a Butterfly"

KAL_0752What does that mean anyway:  Know your Truth?

I hear it all the time:  I know my truth and I am taking a stand for it!  Setting boundaries!  Expressing my truth!

I think that's wonderful.  And, I am moved to insert a "yes....and...." here.

Because if we are doing our jobs in terms of maintaining and developing self awareness, our truth is going to change.  And sometimes, what we think is our truth might just be, well, something else.  How many times have you declared your truth, only to discover later that it really wasn't your truth, but simply a defense mechanism?

How do we know the difference?

Here are some tips: ...continue reading "5 tips to Know your Truth"