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I was chatting with a lady yesterday about how horses make excellent therapy animals. We were talking about the retreat I’m doing with Melinda Bourke Blackwell and Fran Melino on September 22 at Melinda’s place in Washoe Valley. This lady is a city girl, she wasn’t quite getting the concept. So I said,

“Let’s say you are walking a horse through a course and all of a sudden the horse stops, and no matter what you do, it won’t go. That means you are blocked somewhere in your life.”

She still didn’t quite get it. So I explained further,

“Horses are very intuitive. If you have a situation in your life where you are stuck, where you just can’t seem to get any further along, they will sense that, and until you deal with the stuckness, they won’t go.”

And that is part of what the retreat on September 22 is all about. It is also about a full day retreat from life’s normal activities. And lunch. And hanging out in a beautiful place with awesome critters.

Registration is here.

ICK flyerI LOVE it when I do a workshop and see all the bright smiling faces, open energy and AHA moments that happened.  Our last workshop was such a success the participants didn't want to leave at the end, and they kept talking about it on Facebook for days afterwards!KAL_5449

Here we are inside the tack room, where Barbara is showing some of the participants where the art supplies are.KAL_5452

The horses meditated with us!KAL_5459

These two did not know each other until the day of the workshop.  I think some lifelong friendships were formed that day.KAL_5463

Some of the folks claimed a deep fear of horses, and you should have seen the smiles at the end after riding a horse!

Here is what one participant had to say about it:  "If you ever have the opportunity to take a course with Karen Linsley and Barbara Richmond Chastain do it!!
I had such a great time yesterday and met such fantastic positive energy people."

If you want to sign up for the encore ICK to Joy, contact me or sign up online at