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NewyearsflyerEvery year at this time, I see and hear about everyone's New Year's Resolutions.

I also just saw come around again a post by Anne Lamont, who asked, in response to someone saying they were going on a diet for their New Year's Resolution, "how much weight are you planning to gain?"

That's what happens with New Year's Resolutions.  We resolve to lose weight, exercise more, eat more healthy, do that.

And how long does it last?  How much weight do you gain?  How long does it take before the exercise equipment gets a layer of dust on it?  Or the gym membership goes unused?

Here's the deal with resolutions, whether you make them on New Year's or some other time:  they don't work and they don't last.

If you have ever been puzzled as to why, it's because those resolutions are an outside fix, and without an inner process to support those outer actions, the outer actions won't continue.

This is why, for several years now, I've done a New Year's workshop.  It's a way to zero in on what is REALLY important to you, and then move from the inside out to make it stick.

Come join us!  Tuesday night, 5-8 pm, at the Center for Spiritual Living in Carson City, 3579 Highway 50 East in Unit 301.  Cost is $25.