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"Pursue the obstacle. It will set you free."  Mark Nepo

Do you have an obstacle in your life?  Something that seems to block your way no matter which way you turn?

I'm not speaking of an outer obstacle here, although if outer obstacles keep appearing that can be an indicator that something in your life needs to change.  But for this post I am referring to inner obstacles.

Maybe a fear that keeps you from taking that next indicated right step.  Or stubbornness.  I'm sure you are familiar with this:  you know a change in thinking would be the best thing, but you stubbornly refuse to make the change...just because.  Or maybe it is anxiety.  The thought of doing something makes you short of breath.

These are the obstacles to which I am referring.

What Mark Nepo is suggesting with his quote is that instead of trying to get rid of the obstacle, or attempting to block it somehow, we pursue it.  He clarifies, in his book titled "The Book of Awakening:" "we are asked not to oppose what blocks us as something mounting its will against our own. For the obstacle will simply give our resistance back to us. We are being asked not to empower or perpetuate the life of the obstacle, but to step aside if we can with openness to the energy of the obstacle—much like the ancient art of Aikido, where instead of blocking a punch, you help the punch move past you."

How could this be done?  Nepo suggests that we describe the obstacle as a part of nature.  Sort of like the deer in the headlights. And then ask ourselves how is what we want or need colliding with what it wants or needs?

When we go within and get in touch with our inner wisdom, the answers will come.  The obstacle isn't really an obstacle.  It's a doorway.  Open the door.

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I've decided to initiate a series of posts called Wellness Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I will be sharing a quote, or an idea, designed to facilitate wellness.  I hope you will subscribe and join in the fun by submitting ideas or quotes of  your own.

Here is today's quote.  "if you think long enough about what you do not want in your life, you may become depressed or anxious."  The quote is by Jennice Vilhauer, PhD, from the book "Think Forward to Thrive."

What do you think about this quote?  When you examine the overall pattern of your thoughts, do you find that perhaps you might be thinking more about what you don't want then what you do want?

Here's an example:  I don't want to get sick!  Instead, direct your thoughts to good health.  Or, you may get up in the morning listing all the things you think are wrong with  your life.  The reality is, some of those wrong things might just be the result of skewed perception on your part, or it may just be that you are looking at the glass as half empty rather than half full.

What comes up for you when you read this?