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How can I help you?

KAL_3727Perhaps the most frequently asked question I receive when a new client calls me is, "how do you work?"  I interpret that to mean, "how can you help me?"

The short answer is:  quickly and easily, if you are willing to do some work.

The long answer is:  While I don't address clinical issues like depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder, I do address life issues such as too much drama, inability to cope in way that serves you well, stress, grief and loss.  If you have an issue in your life that just isn't working for you, or if you've recently gone through or are contemplating the end of a relationship, I can help not only ease the process, but give you some tools to be able to intelligently decide what to do and when to do it.

My process isn't about telling you what to do.  In fact, I go to great lengths to avoid that.  Instead I work with you to reveal your true beliefs, thoughts and feelings, and to change them if you wish.  I give you tools, and I give you homework.  You will be digging for a bit, but once the dust is settled you will have a whole new outlook on life!

I am currently accepting clients in both my Lake Tahoe and Carson City offices.