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Wellness Wednesday!


I've decided to initiate a series of posts called Wellness Wednesday!  Every Wednesday I will be sharing a quote, or an idea, designed to facilitate wellness.  I hope you will subscribe and join in the fun by submitting ideas or quotes of  your own.

Here is today's quote.  "if you think long enough about what you do not want in your life, you may become depressed or anxious."  The quote is by Jennice Vilhauer, PhD, from the book "Think Forward to Thrive."

What do you think about this quote?  When you examine the overall pattern of your thoughts, do you find that perhaps you might be thinking more about what you don't want then what you do want?

Here's an example:  I don't want to get sick!  Instead, direct your thoughts to good health.  Or, you may get up in the morning listing all the things you think are wrong with  your life.  The reality is, some of those wrong things might just be the result of skewed perception on your part, or it may just be that you are looking at the glass as half empty rather than half full.

What comes up for you when you read this?