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5 tips to move past an enemy mind


Did you ever wake up and feel like there was a monster waiting at the foot of your bed, and it said, as soon as it noticed you were awake, in an ominous voice, "I'm SO glad you are awake.  We need to talk."

And then the messages begin:  not good enough, everyone hates you, worthless, you're going to hell in a handbasket and you really should turn yourself into the insane asylum because it is never going to get any better!

If you have days like this, cheer up.  Unless you've been  clinically diagnosed with something and you aren't treating that diagnosis, chances are it is just a down day, and nothing to worry about.

It is also nothing you should react to, but you can have an intelligent response.  Here are some tips to help you through those days when it seems like your mind is in attack mode:

1.  Do something physical.  No, I'm not talking about physical violence, I'm talking about exercise.  The body craves movement, and movement will help distract you from your thoughts as well as contribute to a better state of mind.

2.  Realize that we all have down days and don't react to it.  Just acknowledge it and move on.

3.  Read something inspirational or fun.

4.  If at all possible, don't engage with difficult people or something with whom you are having difficulties.

5.  Remember that this too shall pass.