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Get ‘er done!

Yesterday I was having a chat with Lovely Lili and she said, “We aren’t what we do, we’re what we love.”

That struck me as so profound and simple....and powerful, given the context of our conversation.

We were talking about overwhelm.  As in......we both wanted something done and it wasn’t happening!  Do you ever feel like that:  overwhelmed?  Like you won’t ever get it all done?  Like there is too much?  Or...perhaps it doesn’t seem to matter how much you do, you never quite seem to finish.  It never gets completely done!  Success always seems just out of reach.

When I feel like that, it is for one of two reasons:

  1.  There is simply so much to do that I don’t know where to start, and I get stuck.  Then procrastination stops by to say hi.
  2. I don’t feel worthy of getting it all done.  Same result:  I get stuck.

As our conversations go, we did not spend a lot of time talking about that particular problem, but instead went to solution.  And the solution is that it is not what we do that makes us feel worthy, at least in the long haul.  Worthiness comes from who we be, and part of who we be is what we love.  It is what we love that defines us, not what we do.

When we focus on what we love, we set up a chain reaction that simply allows, it does not force.  We become part of a flow where things happen easily.

Instead of thinking about all the things that need doing, focus on the end result.  What will you feel like when whatever it is that needs doing is done?  Leave the doing out of the equation for now.  Focus on the end result, and the feelings you will have when the result is what you want it to be.

Keep your focus on the end results, and watch the overwhelm go away, and things get done, quickly and easily.  For example, I love a neat house.  As in...things put away.  Everything in its place.  Sometimes I look around and see stuff everywhere and I get overwhelmed, as if it is never going to be put away.  I focus on how I would feel if things were put away.  Peaceful, relaxed.  Almost as if by magic, I begin to actually feel peaceful and relaxed.  And....a little at a time.....easily and almost effortlessly, I begin to put things away and before I know it, I have a neat house.

This may seem simplistic, but it is a good example of how this process works.  Try it and watch it get done!