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When they go low….I go for Oneness

"When they go low, we go high."  Michelle Obama

I loved it when Michelle Obama said this.  It made me feel proud of my leaders.  It gave me a little bit of hope in a time of hopelessness, and little bit of relief from hateful rhetoric.

How ironic that I have found myself on the receiving end of someone saying, "when you go low, I go high."

That I have been so misunderstood makes me sad...and angry.

I think I have pretty good communication skills.  I've been told I do.  I think I've communicated fairly well in this situation.  Somehow I think it is not that the person on the other end doesn't hear, I think it is that person doesn't WANT to hear.

More sadness, and anger, and the loss of a relationship that could have moved into a higher level and instead has disintegrated into nothingness, because I grow weary of being accused of negativity in every interaction, whether it is written or spoken.

It is during times like these that I think about my values, and principles that carry me when personalities would attempt to shatter everything I stand for.

One of those principles is oneness.  I saw the separation during and even now, after this most recent election.  I saw the rhetoric from both sides.  And I also saw the beginnings of a solution, from some people whose opinions I highly value.  People who spoke of the principle of oneness.  Meaning that there is no us and them.  That we are all connected on deep levels.  Meaning that when we hurt another, we are also hurting ourselves.  These same people called for communication, for listening on a deep level.  They called for a listening to the cries of the folks who "went low."  I've listened to some of those folks.  I've discovered that they are not going low.  They want change.  The status quo is no longer acceptable.  Yes, it is a shame that the current representative of change couches his language in hatred and shaming and demeaning.  But we are stIll one.

And so, being on the receiving end of someone who says they are going high...well, I am like those conservative folks who just want to be heard.  And not be accused of going low.  And so I speak, and will continue to do so, in the way I've always spoken, with gentleness but firmness.  I won't attack, because I recognize that is only a reaction to fear.  I just speak the truth, quietly and firmly, and then I stand by it.  And when the other party refuses to hear, and attacks in their fear, I pray.  Yep...I pray.  I pray for them.  Because of oneness.  Because when I pray for them, I'm praying for me too.

There are other principles and values that I stand for, but they tell me blogs are supposed to be short.  So I end it here.