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I've been having a lot of fun with apples lately.  Noticing the abundance of them, picking them, preparing them, finding apple pie recipes, and making pies.  And giving said pies away.  It has occurred to me that I have a whole bunch of excellent metaphors here and I'm having a bit of fun with it, so I'm passing it on to you.

First of all, the abundance.  I live across the street from a neighbor who has a very green thumb.  He has pumpkins (lots!), corn (lots), tomatoes, squash, onions, various kinds of lettuce.....and lots and lots and lots of apples. Four trees, with branches so laden with apples they are bending down to the ground.  First metaphor, be flexible so you don't break.

I love metaphors for abundance.  Seeing all this abundance in a garden reminds me to remember that there is abundance everywhere, including in my life.  In order for me to receive said abundance, I must collect it.

So I've been helping with the harvest.  I've picked apples, kept an eye out for tomatoes ready to go, brought home squash, plucked onions.  There is a law that says in order to experience abundance in our lives, we must accept it.  I'm looking at all this harvesting as a metaphor for accepting and receiving my good.

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I woke up this morning, and as is my usual practice, looked out my window to see what Mother Nature was up to this fine morning. I noticed that a storm had moved in while I slept, and was hovering over the mountains west of me. This is the normal weather pattern here in my neck of the woods, and I wondered if the storm would make it over the mountains to gives us valley folks some moisture. As I sat and contemplated all the metaphorical meanings of this, a rainbow appeared! It was almost magical, one minute it was not there and the next minute it was.

I love rainbows. To me, they are a reminder to always look for the good. For there is good in every situation. Even in the midst of stormy times, there is good.

Using Mother Nature as a metaphor is a valuable practice for me. Storms have to come. They provide much needed moisture. In the mountains they provide snow, which brings visitors for ski season, which bring jobs. In this valley, the moisture from the storms facilitates the vast acreage of pasture land here, which feeds the cows and horses, which provide jobs, recreation and food. People like to complain during the storms, but I stopped doing that since I realized the storms were a metaphor for life. Storms are necessary for life to proceed.

We all have storms in our lives. Changes, loss and illness, all are the storms of life, and rainbows cannot form unless there are storms. So when I see a storm, I always look for the rainbow. Likewise, when I have a storm in my life, I always look for the good.

In this way, I can, even in the midst of sadness or anger or any of the other feelings I might be experiencing, know that there is good in this experience, and there will continue to be good. There will always be a rainbow.