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Things I learned from taking a stand up comedy class:

Sometimes I do things simply because I feel an inner call to do them.

There is usually no logical reason for the doing. But if I feel the call, I follow that call, because I've learned that call is an inner, higher part of me, poking at me to move to my next greatest level of expression.

It is my Godself, urging me to be more and better than I already am.

That call has never steered me wrong.

Although sometimes I wonder.

Such was the case when I began to feel that familiar urging to take a local stand up comedy class.

I said to my Self, "really?!?!?!" My lower self responded, "we have no time, we have no extra money, we've never had an interest in comedy, not really. What the hell is up with this poking to take this class?" My higher Self said, "take the class."

All righty then.

I took the class.

Here's what I learned:

Sometimes less is more.
Get to the point....succinctly.
Accuracy and detail is not always necessary to get the point across.
Cut out the dead wood. Meaning all the descriptors. Just do the set up...and the punch line. The audience will fill in the blanks with whatever works for them.

And most is now much easier for me to see humor in all of life's events. is definitely OK for me to lighten up a bit, to not be so intense about everything.

I'm thinking that sometimes...not all the time...but sometimes...what I learned just might apply to life in general.

Thanks, Kat Simmons, for this class. I got to see a mother hen side of you during this class, and you shepherded us like the most talented shepherd on earth. I had a blast, I enjoyed the routines of all my fellow students, and I hope everyone there enjoyed it!