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Make noise, vote, take action

The unthinkable has happened. With one tragic ruling by a group of people I refuse to honor anymore because they are obviously misguided and biased, women’s rights have taken a giant step backward with the repeal of Roe vs Wade.

This is not about babies. If it were about babies, all you pro life people would be supporting women who are forced to carry a baby to term. You would be showing up to adopt or foster kids who were born into places where the people inhabiting those places simply had no means to care for a baby. If you were truly pro life, you would be supporting all of life. But the fact is that this is more about controlling women then it is about anything else. And if you are a woman who has bought into the patriarchy that says women are second class citizens, shame on you. I’m calling you out. If you support this insanity, grow a pair and put your money where your mouth is and provide some support to those babies after they are born.

I’d like to be able to spout off some positive thinking spiritual stuff about things being all good all the time but I am not there yet. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m afraid for my personal well being because I live in an area that is filled with magas. And I won’t be silent. I’m fighting back.

I’m fighting back with spreading the word about what this is really about.

I’m fighting back with offering to tithe 10% of my fee for wedding officiant services to human rights organizations. If you support human rights. If you don’t and I find out about it, I’m either going to refuse your business or charge you more. Much more.

I’m fighting back by making my home a sanctuary. Yep, if you need medical care, I will support you and give you a place to stay while you get the care you need.

I’m using my voice and I won’t stop using it.

I’m sure I will find other ways to fight back.

Already there are companies that are saying they will pay for travel fees for employees who need to go out of state to get the proper medical care. Patronize these companies. Don’t patronize the ones that support fascism.

I support human rights. This means I support a woman’s right to choose. I support marriage between two people who love one another, no matter their gender. I support true equality for all people: all colors, all cultures, all races. Except for you who would take away my rights and the rights of others simply because of their color or gender or culture. You’re on your own.