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Don’t Ask Why


I had a couple of wonderful discussions recently about why.  There is a lot of shit going on in the world today: crazy politics, terrorism, violence.  The human response, typically, amongst people who care, is to find out why these things happen, then enact laws and policies to prevent them from happening in the future.

The result is a society over burdened with rules that severely encroach on personal liberty.  And...the long term result of this is a gradual disempowerment of the populace.  We have created a society that does not know how, nor care to learn, about personal responsibility and its resulting empowerment.

I believe, and have for a long time, that asking why is pointless, irrelevant and keeps us in the problem.  And in one of my recent discussions, it was pointed out to me that asking why is a human question.  I think we should be asking spiritual questions, not human ones.

Asking human questions is like putting a bandaid on a broken doesn't work and may make the problem worse.  Instead, what would happen if we asked the spiritual questions?  What would happen in your life if, instead of asking why, you asked some different questions?

I stopped asking why a long time ago when I realized I was getting no satisfactory answers, and when I realized that asking why simply kept me living in the past, which was an unpleasant place to be.  Asking why kept me in the problem, and I wanted a solution.

I now ask different questions.  Inner questions.  Spiritual questions.  Questions like these:

  • What is mine to BE in this situation?  Once I figure out the being, I can respond (not react).
  • What am I to learn from this situation, or my reaction to it?
  • Why (you know there are always exceptions right?) is this affecting me so much?
  • What needs to change in my way of thinking so that I can have some peace of mind?

These kinds of questions take us beyond our humanness and into the realm of the spiritual, and it is there that wonderful things begin to happen.

So.....the next time you find yourself asking why such a thing happened, or how could someone do that...instead ask yourself some deeper questions.  I'd love to hear your answers.