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The people who attend this particular retreat seem to fall into two main categories....either they need a rest...a break from life...or.....they are stuck in some way, feel like they are caught between a rock and a hard place with a job or a relationship or some other situation.  If this applies to you, then you are a perfect fit for this retreat!  I also get a lot of people who have never attended retreats before, so let me just tell you a bit about what a retreat is, at least as I see it.  My retreats are a time and place for folks to both get away from the rigors of every day living, and a way to introduce new skills into the art of living.  These skills are things you will be able to use the rest of your life.  One of the advantages of going on retreat is that it allows for a new perspective.  Part of stuckness is that we see and do the same things every day.  Going to a new environment jump starts the creative process and you will begin to come up with new ideas.  This is the beginning of the creative process.  Then the fun begins.  There is a definite creative process in life.  If you are alive you are creating....wouldn't you rather be creating a life that you enjoy and that serves you well than the alternative?  That is what this retreat is about.

What will happen at the retreat?  You will arrive at St Mary's early Sunday afternoon.  Check in time is 1 pm and we begin at 3, so that is the window.  You will get checked in to your lovely room (St Mary's has awesome rooms with awesome art) and be able to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.
Our first session together as a group is a get acquainted session.  This is a great time for bonding, making new friends, and opening up to what wants to emerge during the weekend for you in your life.
We close that first session at 6 and meet for dinner at 7.   The rest of the evening is free time, to journal, rest, go for a walk, chat with folks.  We meet bright and early Saturday morning for breakfast at 8.  9 am we group together and meditate, then begin our next session, which lasts until noon.  12:30 is lunch, then free time to explore and play till 3 pm when we meet again for another session!  Dinner at 7, then rest.  I will be available during any of the free times for a private one-on-one chat if you desire, just let me know.  Sunday morning is breakfast at 8, then meditation, and closing ceremony.  I will have a gift for you!
Block out the date on your calendar and register NOW for this awesome gift to yourself!  You can register online, or....if you want to put a non-refundable deposit down to reserve your space, call me....530-906-9336.