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Status quo or status GO?!?!?!?!

status quo or status goI am so pleased to announce my winter schedule of workshops!  The series begins with a brand new workshop!  Although I created the concept of this workshop several years ago, I never completed it until now.  It is designed to move you from being stuck to unstuck, from the same old same old to the new and exciting!  If you are ready, come join us!

The series is designed so that the material on one workshop has a natural progression flowing into the next, although you can take them individually.  And if you feel like you need some more individual care and work, I'm offering a discount on packages.  Invest in all three workshops and save $15, invest in all three plus a package of six sessions for a total of $495  and save and whopping $90!  Call me now at 530-906-9336 as I have a limited number of sessions I am offering at this price, and seating for the workshops is also limited.