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A bit of bragging…..

Copyright Image Angels Photography,
Copyright Image Angels Photography,

I love this business!

I just have to brag a bit.  A while back I had a young lady call me who asked if I did couple's counseling.  I told her I did, and we talked a bit more.  She scheduled an appointment with her and her significant other, and one of the things they told me they wanted to find out was whether they had done too much damage to one another for the relationship to survive.

I assured them that it was possible to heal.

We embarked on a program which consisted of training them in some communications skills, as well as some forgiveness work and some boundary setting for each of them.  In addition I recommended some personal practices for each of them individually.

Six visits later....SIX!...they came in for a session and announced with great smiles that they had gotten engaged!  They worked hard, both individually, and as a couple, to integrate the new skills and behaviors I taught them into their lives.  And the results speak for themselves.

I was so happy for them, I got the chills!  Of course I had to see the video they had of the proposal, and we had a nice chat about that.  And of course I got to then counsel them about this new step they were taking.

Are their troubles over?  Yes and no.  Yes, the troubles that were threatening to split them up forever are done, and they have made great progress in their relationship, obviously.  And no, they will, as any healthy couple does, encounter times when they might again need a bit of help to navigate the storm, but for now, they have achieved their goal that they stated when they began to see me:  they wanted to find out if there was a way they could stay together, and they did!