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I'm in the midst of an intensive review of course work for the Masters Degree program I will graduate from in June of 2014.  It's called Consciousness Studies, by the way, you can find out more information about it here. One of my favorite areas of study turns out to be the mind body connection.  ...continue reading "The Mind Body Connection"

What is Fearlessly Feral living? Well, it is a lifestyle for sure. One that is talked about in my podcast, called, go figure: Fearlessly Feral Living. What’s it about? Well, I guess the best way to explain that is to explain how I went about creating the title. Originally I wanted to call it Live ...continue reading "Fearlessly Feral"

A three hour workshop....not a three hour tour! Although this workshop might just give you as long lasting results as the folks' stay on Gilligan's Island! If you have ever heard the phrase "expectations are premeditated resentments," you may want to attend this workshop. If you've received conflicting advice about this concept, perhaps from a ...continue reading "Expectations are premeditated resentments….or are they?"

I remember what life used to be like when I did not have a daily practice of going within and connecting. It was like being a dandelion in the wind. I got blown here and there, bits and pieces of me scattered everywhere. I could have been beautiful, but I didn't appreciate myself, and consequently ...continue reading "Make 2018 THE BEST YEAR EVER!"

I have a vision for my life that began in 2003.  Some people might call it a dream, but it isn't.  Dreams are nebulous, they come to us in sleep.  Vision, well, vision is powerful stuff.   Leading a vision led life is fulfilling, but in my experience leading a vision led life sometimes takes ...continue reading "Never give up on the dream…especially if it is a vision"

I love this!  "Great dreamers possess intimacy with the world." Do you consider yourself a great dreamer?  Do you feel as if you have intimacy with the world?  What would that feel like, to feel as if we had intimacy with the world? For me, it is a sense of oneness.  Knowing that we are ...continue reading "Dream big and create big things!"