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NUTS:  Not Understanding True Self

Sometimes in life we base who and what we are on old outdated beliefs which were implanted in us by society, or by parental units, or simply by our own perceptions at the time.  And sometimes, who and what we are changes...but we never change those old outdated beliefs, and so we live a life filled with fear and uncertainty.  We are tired, out of balance, we don't take good care of ourselves and we feel ashamed, guilty or not quite right.

We are NUTS.

The opposite of NUTS is SANE:  Self Aware Now Enjoy

When we become self aware, we can enjoy life.  But only if our behavior matches our beliefs.  But self awareness is the first step.

How to do that?  There are so many helpful processes out there, ranging from the 12 steps to Byron Katie's The Work, to the Ladder of Inference to Fear to Faith.  Which one you use depends on which one you resonate with.  For example, I did not resonate at all with The Work, but I found the Ladder of Inference to be very helpful.

In future posts I will say a bit more about each of these processes, but for now, I hope you will find a way to experience SANE in your life, not NUTS.  And if you want some help, I've got a full calendar of workshops and classes coming up to facilitate SANE.  The next one is this Tuesday, March 14.  See details and register in the store below.



I made a decision long ago to not die an unlived life.  Growing up, I watched some of the people I cared about in my life limit themselves.  Their favorite phrases seemed to be, "I can't do that!"  And they were always coming up with reasons why they couldn't do that.  It affected everything from driving at night to achieving wonderful things to simply having peace in life. ...continue reading "Do Not Die an Unlived Life"

KAL_0752What does that mean anyway:  Know your Truth?

I hear it all the time:  I know my truth and I am taking a stand for it!  Setting boundaries!  Expressing my truth!

I think that's wonderful.  And, I am moved to insert a "yes....and...." here.

Because if we are doing our jobs in terms of maintaining and developing self awareness, our truth is going to change.  And sometimes, what we think is our truth might just be, well, something else.  How many times have you declared your truth, only to discover later that it really wasn't your truth, but simply a defense mechanism?

How do we know the difference?

Here are some tips: ...continue reading "5 tips to Know your Truth"