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I remember what life used to be like when I did not have a daily practice of going within and connecting. It was like being a dandelion in the wind. I got blown here and there, bits and pieces of me scattered everywhere. I could have been beautiful, but I didn't appreciate myself, and consequently ...continue reading "Make 2018 THE BEST YEAR EVER!"

I offer individual and couples counseling, either by the visit ($75/$95) per visit, or with packages. Recovery Coaching:   Business Package:  Designed for those who want to build, or start, their own successful business.  Details are here. Personal Growth Package: This package is designed to allow you to move from frustration to facilitation, from limitation ...continue reading "Coaching Packages"

Like many of you, and many of the people I know and love, I woke up Wednesday morning shocked, dismayed, and very very frightened. I consider myself a fiscal conservative who believes in true equality for all. What that boils down to is I think government needs to get out of our personal lives, and ...continue reading "Keep the faith and get into the solution"

I am a minister. That statement has an air of unreality about it today. I worked for nine years to get to this point.    When I began nine years ago I didn't think I would end up here.  Actually, that's a bit of an understatement. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT have minister on my list ...continue reading "I am a minister."


CALENDAR Sunday, June 9, talk and workshop at Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland CA.  Talk title is “Translating Heartbreak into Action.”  Workshop topic is “the YES is inherent in the Idea!” Sunday, June 2, talk at Unity at the Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA. Talk title is The Power of Prayer _______________________________________________________ I am ...continue reading "Classes and workshops and speaking engagements OH MY!"