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About pages have always stumped me a bit. I like to go to other people’s about pages because I’m just naturally a curious sort. I have no idea what your motivation is for being here, but I thank you for doing so. I’m pretty much an open book, so if you have any questions, just ask. In the meantime, here’s some details:

I live in rural Nevada. I’m about an hour east of Lake Tahoe, an hour and change south of Reno. It is high desert country out here and I love it. The nearest gas station (well, other than the over priced tourist station at nearby Topaz Lake) and grocery store is a half hour away. It’s a different kind of living out here, we rely much more on each other to get things done than folks who live in more populated areas.

I ride a horse, shoot guns, walk a lot, and garden. I have a lot of space to garden on my 2.5 acre corner of the universe. I’m also about to take up rock polishing. And I cook. A lot. When you live a half hour away from a restaurant or a fast food place, you cook a lot. Plus it’s healthier. My doc says my cholesterol has been going down since I moved out here.

Here’s a photo of me and my horse, Sonny Q, taking a jump. I don’t jump anymore, except when Sonny gets focused on the hose which sometimes snakes across the arena. He likes to jump that hose as if it were a foot high. I just hang on for the ride when that happens.


I also like to laugh....a lot!


Although sometimes in life there isn’t a lot of laughter.  2020 has been one of those times.  My husband made his transition in August of 2020.  That one is a story 40 years in the making, even though we were only married for a little under 3 years.  You can get the details of that in my second book, called “The Girl Who Cried Woogie.”  That book is part autobiography and part “how to live successfully no matter what.”

I have another book too, called “A New Thought Journey through the 12 Steps.”  Both books are available via Amazon, Balboa Press and through me.

Guess you could call me an author.

I’m also a podcaster. My podcast is called Fearlessly Feral Living and is available through Google Podcasts, Apple Play and Spotify, and on Buzzsprout.

I’m a minister.  I’m quite proud of my affiliation with Centers for Spiritual Living.  And if you aren’t familiar with that, maybe you are familiar with Ernest Holmes or Science of Mind.  The teaching is the foundation of all my beliefs and values, and is what I based my decisions in.  I do a lot of Interim Ministry, which in lay terms is kind of like a consultant.  I go into communities that have lost their minister and facilitate good stuff, which in turn allows said community to find their new forever minister.

I also do a ton of weddings.  I do live an hour away from one of the world’s destination wedding resort areas after all.  I specialize in elopements.  I’m over the big weddings.  I did that for 30 years when I owned and operated my photography studio.  Been there, done that got the t-shirt.  

And I am also a happy joyous and free recovering alcoholic and drug addict.  I celebrate 34 years without any mind altering substances in just a couple of weeks, in November of 2020.  That means no alcohol, no drugs, nothing stronger than aspirin.  For 34 years.  It’s a good way to live.

Since my husband died I’ve been going through a grieving process.  And I am now able to make some choices about what I do and where I go.  Plus that pesky little virus called COVID has necessitated some changes.  Yes, I mask up, use hand sanitizer and willingly follow my state governor’s mandates and requests to stay home when necessary.  It is the least I can do and I consider it part of my responsibility to my community.  

In a perfect world, I would be able to travel to speak and do workshops and retreats, in addition to my interim ministry work, which basically means I get to do all that and more.  Right now I’m doing most of that via Zoom.

I also facilitate a once weekly discussion group on Zoom.  It is called Wednesday Night Wisdom, and we study and talk about the works of Ernest Holmes.  Currently we are studying Living the Science of Mind.  Wanna join us?  You have only to ask and I will send you the Zoom info.

I still do weddings because they feed me.  They do something to my soul.  They make me happy, for the most part.  And since I do tend to isolate a bit out here in the back 40, particularly since I live alone now, those weddings force me to interact with other people, which is always good for me.  So we shall see what happens in the future, whether I decide to continue doing them.  In early recovery they told me not to make any major decisions in the first year of sobriety.  I’m adapting that to not make any major decisions in the first year of widowhood.

This is an interesting time.  Lately I’ve been focused on how to have different kinds of conversations with people who think differently than I do.  It is necessary.  The level of divisiveness in this country right now is, at best, not serving us in any way and at worst, downright scary sometimes. 

Basically, I’m hunkered down out here in the back 40, working from home, spending a lot of time on Zoom, writing a lot, podcasting.  And I venture out to do my little elopements on a bluff overlooking Lake Tahoe.  And of course to go see my horse, and go to the shooting range.  

Even with the death of my husband, I still maintain that life is good.


If you want to chat, contact me using the form below:

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Here’s a few photos of my life, since I’m still very much a visual person:

Here’s my dog Annie.
Me channeling Yoda.
The cover of my latest book.
That’s me in the Rex costume. Rexanne comes out to play quite frequently.
Periodically herds of sheep are driven through our neighborhood. They are used to munch on the grasses in the hillsides, it helps suppress wild fires. I chased this herd for a couple hours one day, taking photos and chatting with the shepherds. Well, as much as one can chat with them, since they speak very little English and I speak very little Spanish. But one of them took this photo of me so I guess we did ok.
Scattering my husband’s ashes in my backyard, per his wishes.
And the latest head shot.

If you have read this far, I thank you. I appreciate you. I couldn’t do the work I do in the world without people like you. Thank you.

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