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What kind of counseling/coaching is right for you?




What I do is not really counseling in the traditional sense of the word, nor is it like traditional coaching.  It could be called a combination of all of those, or none of those.  It truly is unique!  Sometimes I think that what I do could best be called a "transition specialist."  Let’s face it, life happens.  Things change.  Unfortunately, most of us were not taught to deal well with life’s changes.  We experience losses:  death, divorce, breakups, job losses.  We experience changes that may seem good, but then we find ourslelves going through the same inner turmoil as if the change were a loss!  What is up with THAT!?!?!

All changes, whether we deem them good or bad, create stress.  And we typically don’t deal well with stress.

But there are tools and techniques you can use to help you in the short term, set the foundation for a happier life going forward, and practices which will allow you to, in the future, weather life’s changes with dignity and grace.

If you are experiencing inner turmoil as a result of outer change, if you find yourself at a turning point in your life and are not sure where to turn, contact me now.  I can help.

I offer packages and counseling in person at my Minden home office, as well as via phone or Zoom.

A word to couples:  I offer couples coaching as well.  Like individual coaching, the story of your life together is only useful insofar as it has allowed you to see where you don't want to go as a couple.  In our work together, we will explore ways to stop living in the past and move into a more rewarding and intimate relationship.

Contact me now by calling 530-906-9336 or submitting the form below:

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