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What I do is not really counseling in the traditional sense of the word, nor is it like traditional coaching.  It could be called a combination of all of those, or none of those.  It truly is unique!  Sometimes I think that what I do could best be called a "transformation specialist."  We work together, you and I, using processes to go within, explore and uncover beliefs and trends of thinking which may be getting in your way.

In this method, the "story" is almost irrelevant.  You no longer need to be trapped by your past, no longer a victim of things that happened in the past.

We instead explore beliefs.  For example, if you were always told, growing up, that the grass is greener on the other side, you may experience in life a pattern of never being satisfied with your own life, because there is always something better on that other side.  This is how beliefs shape our lives.

What many people do not understand is that beliefs, like thoughts, can be changed.  You didn't install that belief that the grass is greener on the other side, someone else did.  You simply adopted it.  You can release it if necessary.

This work is not designed to be long term.  My intention for you is to give you the tools necessary to achieve happiness, peace of mind, and independence.  I believe long term counseling and/or coaching is ultimately not helpful, in fact it can be disempowering and enabling.  You can expect results very quickly if you do the work, and you will learn tools to live happily for a lifetime.

I offer packages and counseling in person at my Minden home office, as well as via phone or Zoom.

A word to couples:  I offer couples coaching as well.  Like individual coaching, the story of your life together is only useful insofar as it has allowed you to see where you don't want to go as a couple.  In our work together, we will explore ways to stop living in the past and move into a more rewarding and intimate relationship.

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