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New Book!

Yes, I'm writing a new book!  The working title is Go on Every Ride and Chase all the Balls that you Can!

Fun right?

The basic premise of the book is this:  we are not in this life to struggle.  We are here to enjoy it to the fullest.  To Go on EVERY ride and to Chase all the balls!

This book is a daily reader, sometimes called a daily meditation book.  It will have 365 entries, and is scheduled for publication in September or October of 2018.  It will contain a list of 12 practices that, when done consistently and persistently, will allow you to live a fuller, happier life.  Plus a bunch of memes like the one you see in this post.  Plus some random recipes, just for fun.  Plus the 365 entries.

Writing a book is fun.  Well, it is my idea of fun:  coming up with 365 profound entries that will inspire people means I have to do my own work and take the time to sit down and write...every day.  But it is also challenging, and bills still have to be paid while I'm writing.

So I've created a win win situation here, where you can get sneak peaks that no one else gets to see, plus glimpses into the life of a writer (also things no one else gets to see), and get your name listed on the acknowledgments page of the new book, and earn my everlasting support.  I was going to say earn my love...but I love you anyway, no matter what you do.  Anyway, that is your win.

My win?  I get a little bit of financial support from you.  Anywhere from $2 to $20 to $100 a month.  This is crowd funding with a twist:  I am not asking for money just because I need it, like Go Fund Me does.  I am asking for support in a creative endeavor and am willing to provide something in return for it.  This is similar to the way patrons used to support artists way back when....think how artists like Michaelangelo got their support.  Patrons supported them so they could be free to create, because that was their gift and their talent and how they expressed in life.

This work is my gift and my talent.  I work hard at it.  I would love your support.  If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, head on over to Patreon, there you will find a way to support me, and get access to sneak peaks and other things no one else gets to see.

I thank you.  And.....once you join in, I will send you the list of practices that will help you life a happier life.  You can get an early start on them so that by the time the book publishes, you can jump on in!