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Coaching Packages

I offer individual and couples counseling, either by the visit ($75/$95) per visit, or with packages.

Recovery Coaching:  

Business Package:  Designed for those who want to build, or start, their own successful business.  Details are here.

Personal Growth Package: This package is designed to allow you to move from frustration to facilitation, from limitation to freedom.  Everything in life begins within, so we will work on two levels:  an inner level and an outer level.  We begin with a talk to discover the things in your life that you would like to change.  Things like ways of thinking that no longer serve you.  Or, you may  have a belief that was installed in childhood that no longer serves you.  Thoughts and beliefs are powerful, and what happens in your outer world tends to be based on your inner world.  So if you have things that are happening in your outer world that are causing you distress, we will uncover and discover the beliefs and patterns of thinking you have in that area, and see if they need to be replaced or tweaked.  This package consists of a total of 12 personal sessions.  Typically it is six sessions to work on the inner, and six to work on the outer, with such things as goal setting and an action plan to achieve those goals.  But we can and will customize to meet your needs.  Cost for this package is $900, but if you pay in full ahead of time, you can save $120! 

The Practices Package:  12 practices, which if practiced regularly, consistently persistently, will allow you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  I will teach you the ins and outs of each one and show you which ones work best in which situations in life.  There are 12 of them: introspection, connection, day dreaming, mindfulness, gratitude, prayer, treatment, contemplation, journaling, meditation, discipline, helping others, and a bonus practice: forgiveness.  This is an opportunity like no other, because you will learn practices that will serve you for a lifetime.  This package includes a PDF version of all 12 practices and 24 half hour sessions with me.  Twelve of those session will be an introduction and explanation of each practice, the other 12 will be an expansion of the practices after you've had a chance to do them for a while.  These sessions can be done over the phone or via very simple video conference, all it takes is an internet connection (which you have if you are seeing this) and a phone or a tablet, or a computer with a webcam!  Cost for this package is $480, but if you pay $360 in full ahead of time, you save $120!  

Individual coaching sessions:  These can be "tune-ups," useful when you find yourself spinning out of control, or experiencing some negativity in your life.  Or they can be used to learn some new tools to apply to a specific situation in your life.   You may be experiencing a major life change, such as a divorce or move or career change.  Such changes, even when welcome, initiate a grieving process and it helps to work with someone like me who is knowledgeable about the process.  Or you may be experiencing a health issue, in which case we would explore some mind/body options for you that do not conflict with traditional medical treatment. 

Couples Coaching:  The couples who come to me do not want to separate or divorce.  But they are at a loss as to what to do to save their relationship.  I offer a six session package which consists of teaching new communications skills, and then facilitating ways to move beyond surface actions which consist of defensive mechanisms and coping skills, into the realm of unconditional love.  We examine whether or not there is codependency in the relationship, and move to a mutual interdependence which is much healthier.  Sessions ideally are done as a couple, but occasionally an individual session might be needed to address specific issues.  The package is $500 for the six sessions, or $95 per individual session. 

Take your life to the next level and CALL now at 530-906-9336!  I accept all major credit/debit cards as well as checks and cash, or you can opt in via my online store.